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Get carried away by the Vall de Sóller

Right in the middle of the Serra de Tramuntana and hidden among high mountains, the quiet Vall de Sóller awaits you, enjoying its beauty, discovering its history and getting to know its inhabitants.
Surrounded by orchards of fruit trees and orange trees, we find the town of Sóller with its historic center of narrow cobbled streets, full of elegant modernist mansions and traditional Mallorcan houses. A few three kilometers towards the sea, we find the Port de Soller located in the only natural bay in the area and, for many years, the best way to communicate the valley with the outside.
Between the Port and the town of Sóller, we find l'Horta: a neighborhood formed by a large number of small scattered houses where the famous fruit trees of Sóller have traditionally been planted. To the west of the valley, we find Biniaraix a village with winding streets and old houses located on the foot of the mountain.

hidden treasures

Strolling through Sóller is to find a story hidden behind every corner, enjoy a beautiful landscape at every bend in the road, rediscover a detail that until now remained unseen: tour the Vall de Sóller and be surprised by the hidden treasures awaiting you.


delve into Sóller

The name of the Vall de Sóller comes from the Arabic term Sûlyâr -Golden Valley- and is currently used to refer to the entire municipality of Sóller formed by the town of the same name famous for its historic center, the Port de Sóller and its old town, the area of Santa Catalina; the beautiful village of Biniaraix and the houses and crops of l'Horta. All surrounded by the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Discover Sóller


Throughout the year a large number of festivals, traditions and cultural events are held in Sóller: visit our town during these days and you will live like an authentic Solleric.

17-20th January
Sant Antoni & Sant Sebastià

The fire of the bonfires heats Sóller during these winter holidays. Do not miss the procession of animals before the church at the "Beneïdes" party!

February - March

The Carnival costume parade fills the streets of downtown Sóller with party and revelry!

March - April

Easter is celebrated in Sóller with processions full of passion and devotion: Holy Thursday is one of the most emotional and Easter Sunday, the most colorful.

March - April
Orange Fair

Fair dedicated to the famous citrus fruits grown in the Vall de Sóller: try the different products that the establishments elaborate with this local fruit.

2nd weekend May

2nd weekend MayFira & Firó

Show me the traditions


The Mediterranean climate in Mallorca let us enjoy mild temperatures throughout the year, with a mild winter and a hot summer and marked by the lack of rainfall. The geography of the Sóller Valley - surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana and oriented towards the Mediterranean Sea - encourages us to enjoy its own microclimate: more rainy than the rest of the island and with slightly different temperatures. (It is not strange that when the sun shines in Mallorca rains in Sóller, or vice versa, since the high mountain summits trap the clouds and force them to precipitate).

spring 22ºC
summer 23,5ºC
autumn 14,4ºC
winter 10,9ºC

Sóller Railway

The Sóller Train connects Palma and Sóller through a magnificent route through the Serra de Tramuntana: enjoy fantastic views aboard a 1912 train that crosses several bridges and thirteen tunnels through a landscape declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Meet the train

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