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The Plaza de España and the railway station

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At the end of Calle Isabel II, almost behind the Church of Sant Bartomeu and the Plaza de la Constitución, we find the Plaza de España and the Soller railway station: an architectural complex dating from the end of the s. XIX and early XX, respectively.

The Plaza España dated 1869 and was completed in 1912 with the covering of the Torrent Major.

The Sóller railway station is the point where you can transfer between the train that connects the city with Palma and the electric tram that goes to the Port of Sóller and is located in the old fortified possession of Can Mayol built in 1606.

During a recent reconstruction, the ground floor of this historic building was prepared to accommodate two exhibition halls: the Miró Hall and the Picasso Hall. In the last one, 50 ceramics made between 1948 and 1971 are exhibited by the famous cubist painter from Malaga. This collection was donated by the illustrious son of Sóller, Pere A. Serra who worked at the Sóller Railroad company from 1944 to 1948.

In the Miró Room two series of engravings by the famous Catalan surrealist painter Joan Miró are exhibited: the Lapidary series (1981) that refers to the properties of the stone and the Gaudí series (1979) made to pay tribute to the modernist architect, Antoni Gaudí. There's also a large tapestry by Joan Miró presiding over the central staircase of the station.

These works were ceded by the succession of Miró to pay tribute to the artist's relationship with Sóller: his maternal grandfather was from Soller and that made him visit our valley several times.

The Plaza de España and the railway station


Hidden treasures


Strolling through Sóller is to find a story hidden behind every corner, enjoy a beautiful landscape at each bend of the road, rediscover a detail that until now had gone unnoticed: walk through Vall de Sóller and be surprised by the hidden treasures that you they are waiting.

Hidden treasures

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