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In the Plaça de la Constitució, to the left of the parish church of Sant Bartomeu de Sóller, we find the headquarters of the already disappeared Banc de Sóller: a building built in 1899 with the aim of guarding the capital of the sollerenses emigrants who had returned to his people after making fortune abroad.

Between 1910 and 1912, a reform, financed by the Sollerenses who had returned, was carried out following an architectural style that also reached Sóller with the migratory wave of the beginning of the century: modernism.

Designed by Joan Rubió i Bellver, disciple of Antoni Gaudí, the reform of the bank fits perfectly with the church of Sant Bartomeu, the work of the same architect, and gives a Modernist-Gaudinian look to the whole Plaça de la Constitució. The three-story building stands out through the mid-point arch portal, the varied windows with wavy iron wrought iron grates and the first floor balcony with double circular platform. On this one, the shield of Sóller and the head of a lion, remembering the original function of the building.

On the upper floors we see irregularly designed windows and the facade pane panels modified between 1946 and 1949, by architect Guillem Muntaner.

Sóller bank


Hidden treasures


Strolling through Sóller is to find a story hidden behind every corner, enjoy a beautiful landscape at each bend of the road, rediscover a detail that until now had gone unnoticed: walk through Vall de Sóller and be surprised by the hidden treasures that you they are waiting.

Hidden treasures

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