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The inns are the ideal place to know how the rich sollerics lived before the 20th century, the residences that the great agricultural owners of the Sierra de Tramuntana owned in the town. In addition to a place to live and store their fruits of their land, the inns were a symbol of power and opulence that signaled the social status of the owner.

Strolling through the streets of Sóller, the pedestrian can discover a series of stately homes and places that transport until the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries:

At number 16 on Carrer de Sa Lluna we find Can Prohom, built in the middle of 1758 as a single stall currently divided into two houses. The original portal is the one on the right with a semicircular arch formed by wide voussoirs. The most notable part is the main courtyard with stables formed by six domed columns with elegant arches, now converted into an elegant porch. From the windows of the house you can see the very elaborate furniture inside the house.

In number 1 of Carrer Canals we find the inn of Ca s'Hereu a typical Baroque style home built in 1786 and that has an air of nobility that dominates both the interior and exterior of the building.

In Carrer Bàlitx we find the inn of the same name. A 18th century Baroque casal with its façade decorated with small encrusted stones and the Mayol hieratic shield to one of the simple iron gates of the balconies.

In front of "La Nostra Senyora de la Victòria" residence we find the Posada de Montcaire (Carrer Hospital, 7): a building with an austere style characteristic of civil baroque in transition with the neoclassical of the late eighteenth century. The perfectly preserved building conserves tiles painted with geometric, anthropomorphic and vegetal motifs, inspired by the embroideries, engravings and fabrics of the time.

Soller inns


Hidden treasures


Strolling through Sóller is to find a story hidden behind every corner, enjoy a beautiful landscape at each bend of the road, rediscover a detail that until now had gone unnoticed: walk through Vall de Sóller and be surprised by the hidden treasures that you they are waiting.

Hidden treasures

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