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explore · Visit the orange groves of Sóller

Visit the orange groves of Sóller

Follow the soft fragrance of its flowers and you'll reach the fertile orange groves of Sóller: there you can walk among the famous crops of this fruit tree while discovering the qualities of local varieties.

Sóller has been linked to oranges since this crop began to become popular in the valley, in addition to the already extended olive tree, and became its main crop due to the export of Sóller oranges to France: at the end of the 19th century It fell into decline and the economy of the entire valley suffered.

Today, the intensive cultivation of orange trees has been recovered, giving a citrus smell to the entire Vall de Sóller and allowing us to continue making all kinds of dishes, jams, juices, flavourings and even orange liqueurs.

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Monuments and historic buildings of great beauty, traditions and popular festivities, routes and activities for the Serra de Tramuntana... Discover everything you can do in Vall de Sóller: a wide variety of places to visit and experiences to live await you!

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