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Enjoy a variety of sports in the Vall de Sóller

Due to its geography and the wide variety of tourist services, nowadays it is possible to enjoy a great variety of sports in Sóller and its surroundings:

Running / Hiking / Nordic walking

Sóller is located in the center of the Serra de Tramuntana and this is one of the most charming places to make routes of these sports: tours of cliffs, dry stone roads, routes inside charcoal houses, excursions through holm oaks, torrents ...

That's why Sóller is the starting point for a great variety of routes and excursions for hiking, Nordic walking and running.

Cycling and rollerski

The roads of Serra de Tramuntana and Vall de Sóller are perfect for cycling and rollerski fans, allowing them to train and enjoy their favorite sport. In addition, if the roads of the mountains of Mallorca are famous for their great variety and quality of ports to the Pla de Mallorca we find a large number of road routes with little unevenness creating the perfect combination of mountain and plane that both cyclists like and Rollerski fans.

Water sports and water sports

The nautical one is another alternative to know the zone of Sóller from the sea. The Port de Sóller is the perfect starting point for an excursion in the surroundings and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea on either a sailboat or a sports boat.

Canoeing or stand up paddle (SUP) are some of the sports that can be practiced in the waters of the bay of Port de Sóller.


Discover the marvelous and intense underwater life of the Majorcan coast: immerse yourself in the waters of some of the most spectacular places in the Mediterranean!

Be it snorkeling, freediving or scuba diving, immersing yourself in the waters surrounding Sóller is discovering the world from another point of view. Discover it!


The paths of the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana and Sóller have a wide variety of paths and allow fans of mountain biking to practice their sport.

The large number of roads allows BTT enthusiasts to choose which route to take: a flatter and quieter one or one with ups and downs that allows them to do a more sporty cycling.

Canyoning and psychobloc

The descent of ravines (or canyoning) is a sport already consolidated in Mallorca. Since the Gorg Blau descent in 1965 for the first time the ravines of the Serra de Tramuntana have become a world reference, because its relatively small surface (800Km2), is composed of an infinity of torrents and gorges of all difficulties.

Sport climbing is another famous adventure sport in Mallorca and Sóller is no exception. There are many who take advantage of the cliffs and rock walls that rise on our island to enjoy the adrenaline. Remember: to practice sport climbing safely always follow the appropriate safety measures and be accompanied by a guide or experienced person.

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Monuments and historic buildings of great beauty, traditions and popular festivities, routes and activities for the Serra de Tramuntana... Discover everything you can do in Vall de Sóller: a wide variety of places to visit and experiences to live await you!

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