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Enjoy the traditional flavors of Sóller

In addition to the famous prawns and oranges from Sóller, our valley produces many different food products that will surprise and delight the most delicate palates. It goes through the different craft stalls and factories where the flavors that make up the past and present of the flavors of Sóller are made:

La Fàbrica de Gelats de Sóller

Founded in 1994 La Fàbrica de Gelats de Sóller is dedicated to the production of handmade ice cream made with the best raw materials from Sóller and Mallorca. In the Plaça del Mercat you will find its ice cream shop: the perfect place to try one of its more than 80 flavors of ice cream, among which you will find, obviously, the orange and tangerine from Vall de Sóller.

Cooperativa Sant Bartomeu

The cooperative of Sant Bartomeu was born in 1899 as the Sollerense Agricultural Union to protect the interests of the farmers of Vall de Sóller, encourage cultivation and fight against diseases and pests. In 1926 he installed an olive mill that ground the olives with an oil mill of vertical rotating stones and five hydraulic presses for gall the famous Oil of Sóller. Today, the cooperative is made up of 293 small farmers from the municipalities of Sóller, Fornalutx, Deià and Valldemossa who offer oil, citrus and many other agricultural products from Sóller.

Estel Nou Confitures

Born in 1981 as a non-profit association with the mission of meeting the needs of people with disabilities in the region of Sóller and their families to improve their quality of life. Nowadays, some of its users make "Fet a Sóller" jam, a natural product made with first quality fruit and prepared with traditional recipes, guaranteeing a high quality confection and a genuine taste.

Sobrasadas and sausages

In the local factories of Sa Luna and Ca'n Matarino, founded in 1900 and 1910 respectively, they make sausages following the tradition of Mallorcan charcuterie and using first quality products but if anything they stand out for the star product of Mallorcan sausages: sobrassada .

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