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Discover the fountains around Sóller

Surrounded by the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana and with a unique climate within the island, Sóller has a great variety of water resources - torrents and fountains - that have allowed it to irrigate its garden.

During the Islamic period, 10-13th centuries, the Muslims used water from the sources, channeling through a network of ditches, to turn Sóller into one of the most important horticultural centers of the island. Today, this network still carries water from the aquifers of the Serra d'Alfàbia to the fertile fields of the valley.

In addition to irrigating the citrus groves of Sóller, the sources of the valley are the perfect place to stop for a tour of the mountains and natural landscapes of Sóller. The best known are:

S'Olla Fountain

S'Olla fountain is one of the few fountains in Mallorca that springs up throughout the year.

Located between Sóller and the Serra d'Alfàbia, it is a fountain located inside a natural cave with a ditch covered by the water outlet, it distributes the water from the source both in the urban nucleus of Sóller, as well as the orchards of citrus fruits grown in the valley.

Lladoners Fountain

Located near S'Olla fountain, Lladoners Fountain is also one of the most important in Sóller due to its volume.

On the outside of this we can see how the flows of Lladoners Fountain, the Fuente de s'Olla and the Na Giret fountain converge.

Alconàsser Fountain

Located on the same road from Alconàsser, a few meters before the place where the descent to the Caló des Dolç begins, Alconàsser fountain is a small fountain that starts from its water to a cistern on the road and in some houses located on the terraces inferiors

Bàlitx d'Amunt

Known in the area as 'font de Damunt Paret' (fountain above the wall) is located a few meters from the Bàlitx road, on the right side just before reaching the houses of Bàlitx d'Amunt.

These houses have preserved one of the oldest cisterns of the Balearic Islands (possible Arab origin), with an original hemispherical dome that collects and stores rainwater.

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