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Even the most inhospitable corner of Vall de Sóller smells of orange blossom. This citrus, sweet and juicy, was the basis of the economy of Sóller: its intensive cultivation extended to the whole valley and once harvested the oranges were shipped to the south of France, where they were highly appreciated for their quality and flavor .

But at the end of the 19th century, the export of oranges went into decline and made the economy of the whole valley falter and its cultivation was almost abandoned. Luckily, the cultivation of the oranges of Sóller were recovered by the sollerics and these trees fill the orchards of the valley again.

It was in the 16th century when the abundance of water and the exemption from the payment of the tithe of the fruit trees made the orange trees become a new attractive crop for Sollerics, who until then had been dedicated to the intensive cultivation of olive trees and vines. .

For some years now, the Orange Fair has been held in the village, where products of all kinds made with this citrus fruit are exhibited, such as jam, juice, flavorings and even an orange liqueur.

During the gastronomic days of the orange that are celebrated each year it is possible to enjoy delicious menus in the main restaurants of Sóller and Port de Sóller in which the orange is the main ingredient.



Hidden treasures


Strolling through Sóller is to find a story hidden behind every corner, enjoy a beautiful landscape at each bend of the road, rediscover a detail that until now had gone unnoticed: walk through Vall de Sóller and be surprised by the hidden treasures that you they are waiting.

Hidden treasures

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